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Our products

IP cameras

An IP camera or a network camera is a surveillance tool that uses the internet to transmit images and signals. Some IP cameras are linked to a digital video recorder (DVR) or to an network video recorder (NVR), creating a wider video surveillance system.

TUXEDO Touch touchscreen

Using the Tuxedo Touch touchscreen, you can:

  • Control your security system
  • Control your multimedia applications, like videos, photos and cameras
  • Control automated devices like lights, the thermostat and locks

4G cellular communicator

By using the 4G cellular network, this technology avoids the risk of telephone lines cutting out. In the event a connection is lost, this system uses a cellular network to connect to the central command centre.

Automated systems

Automation brings together different technologies to control various electronic systems in a residence or business. By integrating this type of united and global solution, we create smart spaces that are simple to use.


Home Alarm System Terrebonne


Home Alarm System Terrebonne

Alarm systems

Surveillance cameras

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