Wireless alarm system

Alarme Sécurité 360 offers a wide variety of wireless alarm systems.

Selling security equipment since 2007, we install devices throughout Quebec, especially in the Terrebonne, Laval and Repentigny areas.

Kits and accessories for wireless systems

Alarm systems are available in different versions and models.

Wireless systems are efficient and are being used more and more often as they are easier to install and avoid wiring work. Our company can help you select a the right wireless security system from the biggest brands: HONEYWELL, DSC, PARADOX, etc. Our products are guaranteed for both trustworthiness and quality. Whether it is to protect your home, office or business, we have the equipment to meet your needs. Available as full kits or individual accessories, our products are well-priced and our staff is available to guide you through the process of selecting your future security system.

Home alarm system

Alarme Sécurité 360 sells different wireless alarm systems at competitive prices.

Experts in wireless alarm system installation

The two main elements of a wireless security system are the detectors (motion, intrusion, fire and smoke) and the main keypad base. These components communicate via wireless signals. Our technicians are specialized in both home security and automation. Let us use that expertise to install and setup your wireless security system. In addition to the connection between the detectors and the base, we also take care of setting up or adding other features to meet you needs: GSM transmitters, remote monitoring controls, adapting an existing system to new technology, etc. We guarantee respectful and confidential service for setting up your personal access code.

Home alarm system

Our technicians are fully experienced with wireless security system installations.

Why chose a wireless alarm?

  • Reliable
  • Upgradeable and reusable
  • Discrete
  • Aesthetic design
  • Moveable
  • Simple installation

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